Advance Professional Photo Restoration

Service Description

I will restore your damage photos or accidentally damaged photo such as torn images, poured a liquid on it, and other things that looks bad or unwanted. And I make sure that this photos will retain in pristine condition. Also if you want the colour to pop out or more additional effect, such as vignette or other things, just tell me the details you want me to do with those photos. And there is no other hidden or additional charges with that thing.

101% Fully Restored
101% Satisfaction
101% Worth the Pay

Briefing Details

I will need a high quality images or a scanned photos that you want me to edit with. Make sure that the scanned photo is set to 300+ dpi. (if you want them to print out. And a 4800 dpi for a large format so you can print it out in canvas large size.) You can also send me a regular images (and that is for digital copy and for video presentations purposes only not applicable for print out).