Remove Objects from Photo (1 Image)

Service Description

Hello and welcome to my Objects Removing Service.

Sometimes we take photos, but not very happy with the results. We want to capture the one thing, but the final shot contains a lot extraneous objects: trees, wires, peoples, cars, etc. For example, we shot the beautiful ancient temple, but in the end we get a flimsy shot, where a lot of odds and ends of modernity - the cars, technic and wires. Or we make a picture in nature, but there are too many tourists around.

Our service will help you get rid of unnecessary objects in your photos as soon as possible and in efficient way.

Get rid of:

- peoples
- trees
- wires
- glares
- cars
- pillars

and other distractive objects. Keep only what really matters.

You can send 1 image.

I'll take care of your photos and give you back a high-quality processed digital files in any format, from JPEG with 100% quality to lossless TIF.

Thanks for your interest and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Briefing Details

If you ready and want to order this service, please, provide the best quality photos with your brief (up to 3):

NB! Best available digital scan or source.
If you scan at lab, please, ask to scan at
1. 300 DPI or higher
2. RGB Mode (even for b/w photos)
3. TIF format
4. Resolution must be 3543x2362 px or higher

These four simple rules guarantee minimum requirements for high-quality photo 20x30 cm/12x8 inches if you want to reprint it.