Image Weight Optimization Without Loss in Quality (.jpg, up to 50)

Service Description

Speed up your website or application using lightweight photos! Just imagine how it overloads your servers and makes your clients angry when the photos are 3-4 times bigger than they can be...

This service relates up to 50 photos. If you have more items to compress, please order more services. If you have ANY questions to this, just please let us know before you place an order.


- up to 50 images in one service,
- no loss in quality,
- files output name will be the same as original,
- compression for .jpg format only,
- average compression between 50%-80%.

Briefing Details

1. Please send us uncompressed photos (one link to an archive is greatly appreciated).

2. Please remember we are optimizing .jpg files only, up to 6000px width/height.