Detailed Hair Photo Editing

Service Description

**Please always contact me BEFORE buy to check availability and other details**

If you need advanced retouching and detailed photographic backgrounds removal, this is your service.

Software tools fails when try to isolate a photo from its background, specially when the background of the photo have many elements. So...

· Do you need good results in background erase, specially in hair areas?
· You have a complicated background with many details?
· You need a very different color from your background?
· The hair of the model is very complex and you need to keep those details?

This is the service you need

What you receive

· A beautifully isolated background photo to adapt to your project
· Very natural result in artisan photo retouching
· A dedicated service handcrafted to your needs
· More of 10 years of expertise in photo retouching in studios and agencies (Demonstrable)


Briefing Details

What I need to start:

· Photos with high resolution (the higher the better)
· If possible, without filters (High Photographical Noise, HDR, Color Grading, etc)
· The background color you need
· Details about the final placement of the photo will help to give you better orientation