Image To Vector Line Drawing OR Vector Colored Art

Service Description

I will convert one Image, Photograph, Pencil Sketch to Vector Line Art or scalable Colored Vector Art in Illustrator CS6.

These can be used as Product Prototype, Patent Drawings or for any other design purposes.

I can also make exact replica of your old logos and designs to scalable vector.

I will provide any file format like PDF, JPG, EPS, Illustrator source file as required.

Kindly note I am not an artist and I basically trace what you provide me.

Please consult me before purchasing the service because prize may vary depending upon the complexity of the artwork.

Briefing Details

High quality images or sketches large enough for me to see minute details say around 3000 px or so.

Let me know about the final dimensions and resolution you require.

File Format needed.

Use of the drawing: i.e. Print or Web.



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