Professional Lossless Image Optimization

Service Description

Website Performance is getting more and more important due to low tolerance of the web visitors. Google also uses Website performance as a major OnSite SEO signal when ranking your website.

One of the highest impact method to optimize the performance of *your* website is - Image Optimization.

Images are consuming larger portions of the overall webpage size and if you don't follow the best practices of Image Optimization, you'll lose most of your potential customers.

Benefits of Image Optimization
❶ Helps to boost the website performance.
❷ Increases the chances to rank higher on Google Image Search.
❸ Helps to increase the conversions of your business.
❹ Helps to kill the bounce rates.
❺ You can increase your audience, since you help slow net connection users by decreasing the page weight.

What's In This Service For You.
» You can optimize up to 70 Images.
» Your images will not lose its quality.
» Unrevealed SEO bonuses for all the customers.
» Every 5th Unit, 1 Unit is FREE.
» NEW: Double Optimization Levels.

Any questions? I'm willing to cut them and be transparent in the project. - Enquire Now!

Briefing Details

Please send me a zip file of the 70 Images.
Do not add more than 70 Images.
If you've more than 70 Images, then purchase 2 times or so.



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