Image Optimization for Web Output

Service Description

What do we do for you ?

We take every single images from your site and optimize it so that your site will have the best option regarding size and quality for a image.

All you have to do is to give access to your website (ftp or cpanel admin). As long as we have access to your images we can optimize it.

For example, let's say you have a image with 200kb that is jpeg but if the image would be gif version then the file size would be 2kb, so we convert the image to gif and change the filename everywhere in your site

In the end your site will load faster.

If you give us your images in a zip file and you worry about replacing the images we can provide a 50% discount (contact as via Microlancer request page )

Briefing Details

In order to complete our taks we need access to your server or a zip file with the images that needs to be changed

Ignore the next text if you are providing access to your server

In case you give us only the zip file we will provide you with a list of images optimized along with gif/png and jpeg version when needed

For example let's say one of your image is gif but optimized(jpeg) it has a lower size then we are going to create a txt file that will tell you that you either rename the old gif file to jpeg or a list of steps that needs to be taken