Any API to HTML with PHP

Service Description

do you want parse any API from third party websites and show the results in your website?
I can parse any API (free or pro) from any website and show the results on your website with your layout and features.
You can parse APIs from:
Weather websites like Yahoo weather, Wunderground, Openweathermap etc)
Video or Music websites (like Youtube, Lastfm etc)
Travel booking websites (like expedia etc)
Social communities (like Facebook, Twitter etc)
Ecommerce websites (like Amazon, Ebay etc)
News websites (like Yahoo etc)
Maps (like Google, Bing etc)

and any other website who has an API as service!

Briefing Details

Please, provide me details about your project and login information where needed.

This service is about custom websites with PHP. I don't support CMS like Wordpress, Joomla etc.