PHP Create Read Update Delete Records (CRUD) Application

Service Description

We will make PHP application for Create Read Update and Delete database records

Final Result:
- PHP files with HTML and CSS for layout
- two .sql files with sample data and blank
- manual guide how to install and connect to your server
- all files will be in one .zip file

For Information:
- make sure you have web server with MySQL database
- maximum 2 (two) tables in one application
- layout will be in Bootstrap 3

We do not accept pornographic content, ponzi scheme, racism and any other contents which harms or provoke others people.


Briefing Details

Please provide:
- Table detail (column name, relation, and table structure)
- Dummy records, if not available we will use generated dummy records
- Kindly provide the necessary details as much as possible to help speeding up the development process

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