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Poster, Flyer and Leaflet

Service Description

When it comes to posters, ads and flyers being original is a must, if you want your communication to be effective it needs to stand out. With a background of several years working as ArtDirector in big advertising agencies in Milan I can offer a mix of creativity and experience that leads to beautiful and impactful results.

Briefing Details

Things that we need:

1. Logo, claims or slogan ( if needed )
2. Photos (if needed)
3. A description of your business and what it’s target market is
4. Style of communication you would like ( Classic, Clean, Creative, High Tech, Corporate, retro, minimal, etc )
5. Preferred colours and / or colours you dislike ( optional )
6. Examples of posters or images or ads that could be a good reference to an element you like such as, the colour, style,feeling etc ( optional )