Beautiful Poster + Attract Flyer Design

Service Description

Who better to design your flyer than experienced Creative Directors and Event Producers?

By hiring W*, you will get a striking flyer design that combines elegance and impact to make sure that your event grabs the attention of the desired audience.

We understand events (we host 2-3 per month), and also the need to stand out in a sea of print + digital flyers.

The process starts by understanding your promotional needs, as well as your preferred design aesthetic.

Next, we assess the best layout, colors, imagery and typography to get the message across.

As you provide feedback + details, we rework the design until it is approved and provide high-resolution, print-ready files.

You will also receive complimentary web-resolution and Instagram (square) versions for easy, painless posting.

Briefing Details

~ Detailed Text
~ Client Images
~ Logos / Fonts

~ Visual References
~ Suggested Images/Photos
~ Horizontal/Vertical Preference