High Quality Illustrated Poster

Service Description

Welcome to my service!

Thank you for your interest in my work. I am a passionate graphic designer and illustrator, and I have several years of experience in illustration. If you need poster design (in children illustration style) for your event this service is what you need!
I create high quality 2d vector illustrations and I love to work on details.
I deliver high quality jpg file(above 300 dpi).

Briefing Details

- Share your thoughts/ideas with me, what is the event/theme you'd like me to illustrate for your poster? What do you wish to include in the illustration (objects, people, animals etc.)?
- Share some detailes about the event: title, place, time, sponsors, etc.
- I start working on sketches, scan them, and send them to you for approval
- If you approved the sketch I start working on the illustration and place the text, if you didn't like it I go on and modify the sketch or create a new one, if needed
- Finally I send you a low/medium quality .jpg image of the illustration and discuss if there's anything you'd want me to improve
- After you've approved my work, I send you a high quality .jpg file of the illustration and an ai. raw file. If you'd like me to send other formats please let me know!