Bespoke Illustrative Flyer/Poster Service

Service Description

This service will provide an illustrative themed/design approach in a direction that will suit your event (from a major festival to a small backyard school/family gathering).

Feel free to attach an image/design to your brief, if you want to recreate or follow a specific direction/theme that is different/enhanced to the ones that are presented above.

I will do my best to get the job done within the 2 day time-frame.
(I will decline the project if I'm not confident in an ideal outcome)

Briefing Details

No need to go overboard with the brief; keep it simple and sweet: text, dimensions.

Please Note: The project's dimension is very important and has to be close-to-final from the get-go.
The design is Bitmap, as such we can't drastically upscale it on the revision stage.

I'll keep things stress free, rolling as smooth as possible and request additional info if need be.