Make your own Professional PowerPoint Presentation

Service Description

Hello :).

do you looking for custom made powerpoint for your presentation? then you came to the right place.

What we do??

1. Create an awesome Template powerpoint from the scratch
2. Or Redesign your presentation
3. Create Custom Infographic
4. And many more that made your presentation looks awesome

What you Get??

1. .PPT and .PPTX Files
2. 2 Mode Screen (4:3) and (16:9)
3. another support file, including my personal contact for full support :))
4. an awesome presentation

Briefing Details

1. Short Briefing/ Guideline from you
2. Your Logo
3. Your Target audience
4. Your Scheme Color for presentation
5. Your Data, that you want to show
6. and other info that you think necessary