Keynote, Powerpoint and Google Slides Presentations

Service Description

I strongly believe that in order for a presentation to be effective and relevant, it must be done in a professional manner which expresses the information not only in a unique and original way but one which is also clear and concise.

This is the approach I use in all of my work and in particular for presentations as they are an essential tool in supporting the communication and expression of your projects. If you visit my portfolio at Graphicriver ( ) you will be able to see examples of how this can be achieved.

Briefing Details

Things that we need:
1.The PowerPoint or Keynote file ( in case of customisation of an already existing presentation )
2. Logo
3. Text to place in each slide
4. Data for chart and table (if needed)
5. Photos (if needed)
6. A description of your business and what it’s target market is
7. Style of presentation you would like ( Classic, Clean, Creative, High Tech, Corporate )
8. Preferred colours and / or colours you dislike ( optional )
9. Examples of presentation or images or ads that could be a good reference to an element you like such as, the colour, style,feeling etc ( optional )