Convert Illustrator to Microsoft PowerPoint

Service Description

Do you having trouble to edit your document in editing software?

Let's say, you need to convert the document you have, and you go to Fast Online Document Converter, but it's not working well and you not satisfied even with premium services?

Here is the ANSWER! I can convert your Illustrator document into PowerPoint document with high precision and editable object.

In this gig, I will convert your Illustrator document you have into PowerPoint document. In PowerPoint, I will convert your document with carefuly, with ZERO error, correct format, correct margin, correct line and space, and easily to edit by you later.

NO! I'm not copying paste method if you asking, my work will make you satisfied!

My convert service covers all things you need, such as:

- CV
- Resume
- Calendar
- Proposal
- Envelope
- Stationery
- Letterhead
- Invoice
- Presentation
- Annual Report
Any graphic or document you want to convert it to PowerPoint document.

All object is editable, you can printing well in the end if you need to print it.

If you ask "You can convert Microsoft PowerPoint to Illustrator too?" I said YES!

Don't hesitate to contact me before placing your order, or you can Start to ORDER.

Briefing Details

Don't wait, here is what you must prepare:

1. Any Illustrator file version is accepted
2. EPS is accepted too.
3. Screen size for presentation is following your current design in Illustrator (can be other size if requested).
4. If there is separated file such as logo, text or related to the file, make sure zip it first.