Modern & Attractive Powerpoint Design - Working Solution

Service Description

We understand that time is money, so don’t waste yours! So much more than a professional PowerPoint presentation, we've present one-of-a-kind working solution that will boost your creativity and inspire your business.

We are elite authors with extensive experience in PowerPoint presentation design and an impressive portfolio of presentation packages. Superior quality is built right in, and we will develop your ideas in the right direction.

Let’s work together to build something unforgettable which brings you value.


Briefing Details

1. Your color palette
2. Favorite fonts if any
3. Audience for this PowerPoint
4. Logo
5. Design Style: Modern/Traditional
6. Aspect Ratio: 4x3/16x9/16x10/Other
7. Background style: Dark/Bright
8. Content: Titles, subtitles, text, images, chart data and other.