Professional Media Ready Press Releases

Service Description

Thank you for choosing my service. A good press release is the perfect marketing/public relations tool to attract publicity for the following:
- product/service launch
- events
- anniversaries or major milestones
- sale or special promotion
- any major development such as a new or upgraded website.

I am a trained journalist who has been writing press releases for more than ten years.

I will write up to 500 words for a press release that is:
- grammatically sound
- newsworthy
- and ready for immediate publication.


Briefing Details

Here's what I need to write a media-ready release.

- Clear instructions stating the main issue that should be highlighted (e.g. new product or event)
- State why you think this issue is newsworthy (e.g. new features added or first of its kind)
- Include details about the product, service, event, or business (e.g. price, features)
- State who will benefit from this and what are the benefits
- Include brief company profile & website link if available
- Please attach images & include keywords when ordering extras