Service Description

A press release does need to identify the news hook (the piece of newsworthy information that makes your story special), but it shouldn’t tell the whole story. The purpose of the press release is to get the reporter’s attention so that they seek you out for more information. In other words, the press release is supposed to be just the starting point that encourages a reporter to write an actual news article based on your story.

A press release isn’t supposed to be written as a news article or feature. And even though the internet has blurred the lines between news and press releases, reporters still do make the distinction between the two and understand the difference. The press release is a description of the news, not the full news itself.

A good design for this document is important to get good legibility as the same time you’re attracting readers to continue with the eyes on your press release.

What you get by ordering my Press Release Design service is:

- Professional design of your info
- PDF document ready to print
- Professional service


Briefing Details

If you think that I am your best option, contact me now to help you with your Press Release Design.

What I just need from you to work on this design is:

- All texts
- All images, graphics and visual content
- Corporative colors of your company, or colors you want to use
- Style you want to achieve
- If possible, send us references and examples from the style you like
- Any other information you think may be relevant

Delivery details: Based on the service scope described above and the additional services required. I guarantee 100% quality results within a tight timeline, whatever the difficulty.