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Product Descriptions (SEO)

Service Description

When you’re going to sell something, is necessary knowing how to explain it. A good copywriting could be decisive to attract buyers. It’s normal to love our products or services, but not know how to sell them in a persuasive way.

A professional description includes the main points about the product, and the benefits of get it. And the copywriting must be creative and attractive.

What you get?
·Three different descriptions of a product (200 words each)
·Professional service.

Briefing Details

On giving you a professional service, I need to understand all the information about your product. So, it’s important to explain me all you think that is relevant.

What I just need from you is:
- Name of the product.
- A full description of it, in your own words.
- Information about different options of the product (e.g. if you sell it on different colors, styles or sizes)

Delivery details: Based on the service scope described above and the additional services required. I guarantee 100% quality results within a tight timeline, wherever difficult the task is.