Contractual, Technical & General Text Proofreading and Editing

Service Description

The service's price tag covers a maximum of 10,000 words. However, if your text is shorter or longer than that, feel free to drop me a message before placing your order and we can negotiate as needed.


Writing isn't just about putting words together - it's about conveying a message. And if a message can not be understood with ease, then what is its purpose?

In my proofreading services, I focus on optimizing the document for clarity in meaning, adapting it to the target audience while ensure a professional standard. This includes a grammatical and vocabulary review, accompanied with comments and remarks describing changes wherever relevant.

Proofreading or editing can be done using Google Drive, Libre Office or Microsoft Word, according to your preference.

In the first iteration, the whole text will be proofread and edited, whereas further revisions allow me to focus on specific areas highlighted by you.

I look forward to working alongside you and ensuring that your message is delivered in the best possible way!

Briefing Details

The main prerequisite is the provision of the file to be proofread or edited. In addition, you may also want to provide the following in order for the service to be delivered as you desire:

- The website from where the source text is taken from, if available;
- A document which is similar to the style envisioned for the text to be delivered;
- A list of technical terms that you do not want to be altered in any way; and
- Further requirements for the text to be proofread and edited, including the extent to which I may modify it