Pixel Perfect PSD to Responsive HTML (3 Pages + Bootstrap)

Service Description

- Pixel Perfect Conversion.
- Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Samsung S2,S3 and galaxy tab.
- The web pages work on other mobile/ tablet devices too as per bootstrap standards.
- Latest Version of Bootstrap CSS Framework is used.
- You get all the fall backs that Bootstrap offers by default.
- Minimum inline CSS is used.
- We use jQuery to do client side scripting.
- The web pages are optimized for Google chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and IE11+ broswers.
- If the premium fonts are used, and they are not supplied, we use the similar free fonts (either Google fonts or using Webkit)

Note: We can give you final price after looking at the PSD files. More complex designs may be priced more.

This service covers 1 homepage + 1 content page + 1 contact us page.

Briefing Details

- Provide layered PSD files either in email or via Dropbox.
- Explain the areas of the pages, which need special treatment.
- If you have used premium fonts, please supply them along with the PSD files.