PSD to HTML, Clean & Semantic

Service Description

Website creation is a complex process. After you come up with the idea for your successful site and rely on the graphic designer to combine their skills and emotion and put them into a PSD graphic project, the last step is to cut the site to HTML. For our company, coding is art rather than craft. We offer PSD cutting to clean, semantic HTML code. Great code quality will eminently improve your website’s search engine optimization. Moreover, the site will be responsive, load faster and make it easier for you to add any changes. Our code also makes the site available to the handicapped. We use the newest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery but also ensure that the site will display properly in all popular browsers.

What we need from you:
- A layered PSD file.

What we provide:
- A zipped folder with the website, ready to upload to your server.

The service covers the homepage + up to 3 subpage templates + up to 3 JavaScript/JQuery plugin implementations (image rotator, smooth scroll, etc.).

Briefing Details

Please make sure, that .psd file looks as expected. It is good idea, to send .png file too - this way we make sure, that no layer of PSD file is accidentally hidden.

If your website includes extra JavaScript and you wish to achieve exact effect - please provide example.