Service Description

What we can offer for you:
- Convert PSD to HTML5, CSS3 with responsive layout with 3 tiers (desktop view, tablet view and mobile view).
- Add interactivity using Jquery (or other technologies per your request) for dynamic content
- Very fast response time
- Very reliable and very responsible service

Click on "View Demo" link above for sample of how the page will appear differently in desktop, tablet, and mobile view.

Note: if you have more than 1 page or 1 page with very complex details, please contact us first to discuss the requirements before placing order. If you have hidden folders/pop up modals/overlay layers inside the PSD that you want to include, please let us know in the project briefs, otherwise it will be excluded from the project scope.

Please note, any details that are not specifically mentioned in the initial brief (for example hidden layers in PSD) will be excluded from project scope and will be considered as separate project after initial project is completed. After we deliver the final result, if there are changes done not by our team yet causing error or bug, additional charge may apply to fix it. If you need 1 day delivery, please consult with us first for our availability.


Briefing Details

What we need to start:
- PSD Design.
- Dynamic user interface, for example: image placeholder would be a slider of 5 similar images and it should be swipable in iphone, or when user click a button, an overlay CSS3 will appear with detail text descriptions of the object, etc.

Kindly provide the necessary details as much as possible to help speeding up the development process.

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