Pixel-Perfect, Hand Coded WordPress Site from Your PSDs

Service Description

I've been a designer for 24 years, and a web designer and developer for 18 of them. I've developed PHP-based templates/sites for a large part of that 18 years.

I will take your PSD files, or any design files, and turn them into custom-coded, pixel-perfect HTML/CSS, then code that into a PHP theme/WordPress site.

WordPress sites are easier for you because you can update them yourself, without knowing an ounce of HTML or CSS. This way you get all the convenience but don't have to give up on the individuality of a custom site design.

It's the beauty of a custom HTML site with the convenience and accessibility of a WordPress site. It costs a bit more than an HTML site, but think of the money you'll save not having to hire someone for all of your edits!

This covers up to 25 hours of development time, or a complete site of up to eight HTML pages and a home page, as well as a blog page and blog index. I will supply you with a .zip of the necessary PHP/HTML/CSS theme files, and any images used in the site's design.

Briefing Details

Send me your PSD(s) along with any instructions or details you'd like me to keep in mind.

You, or you via your designer, must have the legal right to use all artwork and images in the design. Please only supply water-mark free images and art that is the correct (or higher) resolution.