Digital Ocean DNS Configuration

Service Description

If you need to use your email service with a third party service for example, you will need to configure your DNS zone file. Of if you need your point to X server and point to Y server, I can help you.
Even if you need to reduce the SPAM labeling of your emails, DNS configuration is a simple solution.

I can configure your domain names, DNS, MX, NS, SPF records and hosting.

Briefing Details

- Digital Ocean access (url, user and password).
- Third party servers specifications or website.
- A text document detailing what you need. For example: "I need to configure my actual domain to run with Mediatemple Hosting and Google Apps emails. My domain is registered with GoDaddy." So, I need your GoDaddy's access, mediatemple's access and that it.
- You must to have your domain, hosting and third party email service already registered. If you need help we can discuss your needs.