Custom Server configuration and set-up

Service Description

If you're having any issue with your server, I could provide help to fix your problem. You may have the following problems:

- Installing the Apache
- Configuring the Apache
- Installing the MySQL
- Configuration for file/folder permission
- Basic configurations your IP
- More

If you need different assistance, to configure such these services at AWS:
- EC2
- Lightsail
- Route 53
- Simple Email / Workmail

You can check the service from the link below:


Briefing Details

I'd need server login credentials and PEM (PPK) file for secure connection.
- SSL installation is not included but can be purchased additionally
- Email configuration/set-up is not included but can be purchased additionally.

* Regarding to Magento 2 requires a bit different requirements comparing to other CMS ( such as WordPress ) , there may be additional charges.
** Email server is required to send the emails via website such as notifications/order purchase details, etc.