Electric Bass Recording Sessions

Service Description

I am an italian electric bass player with more than 15 years of experience, both in live and studio settings.
I’ve studied bass guitar with different teachers and continue to learn from all the great bass players in every music genre.
I can read from music notation or play by audio examples, or I can easily come up with a bass part that fills your needs (given some basic briefing info or generic music suggestions).
My bass playing can cover different styles of music (e.g.: pop, funk, rock, indie, reggae, jazz, fusion and world music), and I enjoy trying different technique approaches (palm muting, pick playing and slap) to different music styles, in order to make the bass part sound fresh and appropriate. My bass part can also be coloured using various effects such as wah wah, delay, distortion, chorus, octaver by myself.
Beside that, I can also choose within different bass guitars to achieve peculiar sounds, and that includes also a sweet singing fretless bass I own, which can add an interesting melodic character to your compositions. I can also come up with simple yet useful bass solos if necessary.
My music education includes in-depth harmony and arrangement notions; this global harmonic knowledge can be useful in the bass part making process.
I record my tracks on Logic Pro X at the sample rate you prefer, and can export my tracks in both Wav and Aiff formats.

My goal is to provide you with a suitable bass part for your projects… bass is really the core of music, and I think it deserves a good amount of commitment!

Briefing Details

If you’re interested in my service I’ll be in need of some basic informations about the music you’re producing… of course the best way to obtain them is to provide me some audio examples of what you’re already created. Then I’m going to ask you some info about the bass part: am I supposed to play a written part or should I come up with a part of my own? Do you have any suggestions regarding the kind of sound (warm and round or crispy and edgy?) and the playing approach (laid back or pushing the tempo? short notes or more sustain?), or just some generic references to other tracks, bands or bass players you would like me to sound like.
After that I will gladly provide you with some examples of my playing over your track (sending you the bass track alone, synced to your own project); once you decide which bass part you prefer I’m going to record the entire take and submit it again to you.