Real Human Whistling

Service Description

There's nothing worse than a cheap sounding fake whistle on your music. If you would like to add some character and individuality to your music, by using a real and distinctive human whistle, you have come to the right place.

Real human whistle can work well in upbeat corporate, folk, indie, country, children's and comedy music, and even in trailers, classical and cinematic (think spaghetti western for instance).

I can do a straight/serious performance, or my trademark quirky, slightly exaggerated vibrato, which goes so well with ukulele music.

I will whistle your pre-composed melody, synced to the background music which you provide me with, and deliver as a dry, isolated recording in high quality wav, for you to mix into your track.

Service includes the performance of a verse, and a chorus melody, and an ending, for a track of up to 2.5 mins duration. If sections of the track are repeated, I may cut and paste my performances to repeat them, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Briefing Details

Please be as specific as possible about what you are looking for. You can help me to meet your needs, by providing:

1. A detailed description of the sort of style,mood and sound you want to achieve.
2. Links to examples of works in a similar style.
3. Stereo audio recording of music for me to perform over. The melody can be on this recording, or you can provide the melody as an isolated track synced to the backing.
4. Track details: BPM, key, length.