Shopify Store Setup and Customization

Service Description

Want to change your store beyond the built-in customization options that your installed theme provides, but you're not comfortable working with the code? That's why we're here to help you! Here's what you get:

1. Basic store setup and theme installation;
2. Theme options setup (edit the look and feel of your store as much as the theme options allow);
3. Custom theme options - We will edit the options as you want so it will be easy for you to edit them in the future;
4. Edit the code of each section/page of your store to mach your needs (as long as the edits are not changing the original purpose of that section/page and don't require makeing an app for it);
5. Add ajax mailchimp newsletter;
6. Add instagram feed to your store;
7. Add a custom menu;
8. Integrate ajax Add to cart on single product page;
9. Duplicate/add one home section including Theme Options for it;
10. Add a product carousel to your homepage;
11. Add a slider to your homepage;
12. Edit the styles of a page/section;
13. Create a offscreen ajax cart that opens when a product is added to cart;
14. Add parallax effect on banners that have a background image;
15. Change the layout of your blog listing page;
16. Change the look of your blog single page;
17. Add zoom plugin to single product page;
18. Add popup image when you click the main image on single product page;
19. Add isotope grid to catalog pages;
20. Edit/add grid view and list view;
30. Edit the translation of a store (as long as you provide the full translation in a excel document);
31. Setup the navigation of your store;
32. Add blog posts to your homepage;
33. Add social media links/cards to your store;
34. Add a custom background to your login/register pages;
35. Install and configure a custom font;
36. Install and configure a custom icon font;
37. Change the default action for any button;
38. Re-order the sections on the home page;
39. Add a custom top banner for every page which you can edit after from Theme Optionsd;
40. Add up to 20 products, with the content provided by you;
41. Add a basic sidebar to catalog/blog pages (this may contain things like search, categories, tags, display products from a certain collection and not things like layered navigation);


Briefing Details

Here's what I need from you:
1. Full and clear description of what you are trying to achive;
2. Screenshots or psd files if possible, not a must;
3. Any jquery plugins or apps that you want me to configure/install must be paid for by you if they are premium;
4. Invite to your store so I can make the edits (please limit my access so I don't have access to sensible information or customers);
5. Any theme that you want me to install/customize must be purchased in advance by you;
6. Editable files for any assets you may want me to upload on your store (like logo);
7. You must purchase/have the license for any image/content you want me to upload on your store;