Twitter Headers - NEW layout 2014

Service Description

As you have likely already seen, Twitter began implementing a new design this week that has a major impact both on the interface and functionality of the site. The new look shares many similarities with Facebook and focuses more on improving the overall user experience while making it easier to navigate and filter through tweets.
The most visible area of the latest Twitter upgrade are the changes to profile and cover images. The new cover photo spans the entire header of the profile page and replaces the background image used in the previous version of Twitter. The look is very clean and offers users the ability to focus on a single image for their profile page. In addition, users profile images are larger making it easier to see the individual.

I can design custom twitter headers as per the new twitter layout.

Briefing Details

I believe my qualifications and experience will bring exactly what you need for your project. My highly positive feedback from both past and continuing clients shows my dedication to my work and consistent customer satisfaction.

I look forward to working with you on your project with excellent communication to generate fresh, creative and high-quality designs!

Here are some details I will request to fill in once you choose to work with me.

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Are there any current Twitter profiles that you would like us to look at as an example for what you are looking for?

What is your current Twitter profile(s) that you will be installing the header on?

What text copy you would like to include in the design. This can include personal contact information, links to other personal sites, bio information, etc. If you already have an idea of what information you would like in that area, please enter it here:

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