Roll-Up - Billboard Banner Templates

Service Description

If you need a professional banner then this is the right place for Quality Service with corporate standards.

Optimized and Print ready! With 300Dpi

Source file: PSD & High Resolution JPEG is fully layered and 100% editable.

Thank your for your interest at my designs, If you're looking an Artistic Roll-Up Billboard Banner Templates my service is perfect for you :)

Briefing Details

1. Your description of what You need, including color preferences .

2. If Any notes you have regarding color, font, etc. preferences

3. Images or other graphics that You want to include (if any) you want to show in a hi resolution more than 3 mb depending if its web or print final file, and if you dont have you can buy them at & or similar sites)..

Like any specific style.

4.Size of the banner (30x70, 120x60, ...)
5.High Resolution Images

Important information you'll need to include:

- Company Name*
- Link to company logo in vector& psd format
- Name + surname
- Slogan, catchphrase, etc.*
- Formal title (e.g. Director, Manager)
- Phone number(s*)
- Email address
- Website address
- Physical address*
- Colour scheme ideas (If any)
- Anything else you feel I need to know in order to make your Roll-Up Billboard Banner Templates AWESOME! :)