Integrated Express Facebook Cover & Profile Picture Design

Service Description

I can design custom facebook graphic along with the profile image. I can design the profile image to be part of the cover graphic as well.
I have designed more than 50 Facebook covers in the past.
The combination of my talent with Photoshop and consistent position as one of Envatostudio’s Top FB cover providers to date allows me to guarantee your product with high-quality finish and excellent communication throughout the process.

Briefing Details

Your Name:

Preferred Contact Email:


Do you have a preferred color scheme?

Do you already have graphics from your brand, or any personal graphics you would like incorporated?

Do you have a specific artistic style you like (colorful, simply, splashy, professional, trendy, etc)?

Are there any current FB timeline page that you would like us to look at as an example for what you are looking for?

What is your current facebook page that you will be installing this cover on?

What text copy you would like to include in the cover design. This can include personal contact information, links to other personal sites, bio information, etc. If you already have an idea of what information you would like in that area, please enter it here:

Additional thoughts & comments for us to consider:



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    42 Jobs done
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    42 Jobs done
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