Social Media Templates (3 image pack)

Service Description

These days, almost every business needs to create visual content.

Status updates, YouTube videos, blog posts, it’s all content and it’s created by everyone, including all of the top brands.

Producing regular content has become a key factor in maintaining a successful brand. Whether you write blogs, run a Twitter page, chat to your customers on Facebook, or do all of the above, producing regular content is instrumental to keeping your brand current, engaging and memorable.

But, since so many people produce content every day, how are you meant to cut through the noise and make your content stand out? The answer: visual content.

Think about it: everybody single status update looks the same. Sure, the interfaces change over different platforms but, at the end of the day, it’s all just black text on black backgrounds, so it’s all too easy to scroll right past key pieces of content, because nothing quite jumps out. But, if you used a visual to communicate your message, used a bit of punchy type, a vibrant palette or eye-catching imagery, you have a much better chance of ensuring people will stop scrolling and have a good look.

Basically, you could have the best, most interesting and engaging written content, and it could still get lost and ignored because it looks the exact same as every other piece of content. Visual content prevents this, though. Visual content gives you free reign to customise your message, use different techniques and mediums to get your message across, it’s really an infinitely useful tool.

Briefing Details

This basic pack will include a product template, quotes and facts. On demand, based on your needs, I can design other templates.

Product photos & text must be provided by the client.



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