Twitch Branding Design Pack

Service Description

Are you a new or experienced streamer? It doesn't matter, every streamer needs the same, more viewers.
It's the truth, and to reach your objectives you need to brand yourself and differentiate from other people!

With this Branding Package you can have a new and attractive profile in days, confirming the professionalism that your viewers want. Everyone has their own style, but in the end everyone has to be pleasing to the eye.

This package includes:
- Avatar Cover Image
- Profile Cover Image
- Buttons (for profile description)
- Offline image
- Overlay ingame
- Overlay waiting screen

After approval, will deliver editable and ready to use files, you only need to set up them on your streamer software.

You can contact me if have any questions about the service provided.


Briefing Details

When we start the project, it's always better to explain with details you idea. You can show me some ideas, styles, examples or colors you like to make the process easier for both.

The turnaround time depends on you too. Quicker and detailed info means a faster delivery.