Beautiful Facebook Ad/Post Banner Design

Service Description

At this point, most businesses are aware of the benefits social media can contribute to grow their business. Yet, I’m often surprised at how many business owners are still clueless about what all can be done with Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Ads run on the same pay-per-click/pay-per-impressions idea as most online ads (re: Google AdWords). However, thanks to amount of personal information in Facebook’s database, they allow you to get ridiculously detailed with your targeting. Anything a user can put into their profile—age, sex, location, education, religion, interests, politics, job title, marital status, etc.—can be used as a filter for your ads.

For example, if you want to market specifically to 25 year old, married men who live in New York, graduated from Harvard, work at a bank, vote Republican, likes Video games and love the movie Star Wars, you can; Imagine the possibilities!

The best part? Facebook Ads are surprisingly affordable and comparing them in conversion rates with street billboards it's 97% cheaper but with the same or better results ;)

So, in a nutshell: With a beautiful and attractive Facebook Ad you can get the accurate
prospect clients but without investing lots of money on marketing.

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This service includes:
- High Quality banner design in PSD, JPG and PNG format.
- It can be 1200x628 or 1200x900 pixels (the two default sizes of Facebook).

* Multi-language Support

My motto: " I haven't done my job until you say, 'I love it!' "

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Briefing Details

What I need from you is:
- A little description or an idea of what you want (e.g: promote a product or service and a brief description about it).
- Colors and/or style (trending style, your brand style, modern, retro, etc.).
- Which size do you want: 1200x628 or 1200x900?
- Any image you want to use in the ad.
- Logo (if you want it in the design).
- Banner Content: Titles, headings, and all the texts *.
- Occasion/holiday for the style (if its applicable).
- Goal of your Ad
- Target audience

* Note: Facebook prefers ad images with little or no text, because images with a lot of text may create a lower-quality experience for people on Facebook. - So my professional recommendation is to use the less amount of text possible (anyway you can add as much text as you want on the post description).

Service Process:
Step 1 - Ideation and Design: Prototype and realization with the content received, and based on your brief.
Step 2 - Revision: Adding the final details.
Step 3 - Deliver: Final files delivery!

What you will get:
- High resolution JPG & PNG images
- Optimized PNG image for Facebook
- PSD File