Customizable, Effective YouTube Video Thumbnail Sets

Service Description

*This service provides up to 4 YouTube thumbnail sets. These thumbnail sets can be pre-rendered PNGs or customizable and easy to use PSD templates.

Effective YouTube thumbnails are a vital part of a successful YouTube brand. Thumbnails represent your videos on search pages that are littered with all kinds of other distracting thumbnails. In order to stand out, you need eye-catching, easy-to-read, and bold thumbnails that properly represent your video.

With my several years of YouTube experience, I can help you distinguish your brand from all others.

Briefing Details

How many Thumbnail sets? (MAX of 4)

In what form do you want them? (Statics or PSDs)

Describe each set you are requesting. I need information such as series name, show name, channel name, frequency of uploads, episode counter, etc.