Animation Sound Effects and Foley

Service Description

This offer is for 1 minute of video.

Animators or clients often get stuck at the point when it comes to choosing the right tune, voiceover and sound effects for their video presentation.

This is where I come in: I will provide you with buzzes, swishes, wooshes, pops and other custom sounds for you.

Various happy international clients trust me for creating their sound layer and applying the final mixing and mastering.

I also offer the option of producing a soundtrack for your material. Just ask for a special quote or check the extra options below.

Contact me today and bring your online video or animation to the next level!


Briefing Details

+ please provide me with the silenced video file (MOV, AVI, MPG)

+ if you are in possession of the recorded voiceover, please make sure you include the lossless audio file (WAV, AIFF)

+ if applicable, you can provide me with a written shot list and the sounds that you would like to have implemented