Sound Design for Videos

Service Description

There are many different aspects to sound design projects. Below is some general information on what's involved in the process and what I can offer:

Foley: I'll create "everyday" sound effects that are commonly needed such as footsteps, doors opening and shutting, windows breaking, paper tearing, etc.

Ambient sounds: A very important aspect of sound design is the ambient sound, or noise, that takes place during a scene. Sounds such as airplanes flying in the distance, crowd noise at an event, birds chirping, or water boiling in the background all add greater dimension to a scene.

Vocal sound effects: I can create vocal sound effects for any characters in your video, including grunts, impact noises, exclamations, etc. I can't provide full voice-over services, but I can create these types of unique vocal sounds.

Music: I can also provide background music for your video. I'll be able to create ambient soundscapes that fit a particular situation, whether it's suspenseful, action-filled, scary, quirky, or lighthearted. This category may not be suitable for main title themes or end credits where the music is at the forefront, but it would be appropriate for more subtle background needs.

Briefing Details

Please provide the following:

- The original video without sound
- A list of any unique sounds you might want added
- Links to similar or related videos (if any)
- Info on the desired tone of the video (happy, dark, quirky, etc.)