Sound Effect Design

Service Description

Do you need a specific sound effect ?

We are going to record or create the sound effect that you need so that is going to match a specific length

Service includes 3 sounds with no more then 3 variations each

We can record female voice, male voice( almost any language but with european accent - check out the sample - hello from our collection )

You will get sound effects in wav and mp3 format(320kbs - audiojungle quality)

I'm an Audiojungle author so this means you will get the Audiojungle quality

If you need more samples you can send as an enquiry


Briefing Details

For voice recording (example: Brains - we are going to record few variation of the word Brains and we are going to add effects so that is reflect what you need ):
1. The text (no matter what language, remember that is going to have european accent )
2. The text can't be more then 30 seconds(for more please send as an custom enquiry)

Sound Effects:
1. The sound effects that you need- no more then 3 sound effects
2. Specify how long the sound effect should be
3. Anything else (just in case you have specific notes )