Updating Resume or Brochure With Your Content

Service Description

This is a creative resume that makes you stand out from the crowd, Proof! These resumes will increase call backs by twice as much! Its fit in different industries, business, sales, marketing, design and hospitality.

I will turn your boring looking resume into an eye catching, attention grabbing resume that is guaranteed to stand out, in the massive pile of resumes, every hiring manager gets. Simply send me your resume, and I will make it exactly like the one shown in the product image. Choose which example you want. You will get a jpg, and png file of your resume, ready to print! If you want specific colors, please let me know.

*Choose a style from one of the examples, if you want something different, I would be happy to quote you for complete custom.

Briefing Details

All I need from you is your current resume, or this information:
What resume out of my examples do you like best?

Header-Your name and profession
Contact info- Website (if available), phone, and email
Your Objective
A couple of sentences about yourself
Job History, and their contacts for references
Last but not least, your picture

If you buy more than 1 services, I need an extra time