Professional Commercial Custom T-Shirt Designs

Service Description

Internationally Awarded graphic artist w/15 years of creative experience (with some of the largest advertising agencies) - Elite status on Envato marketplace.

I will design your shirt exploring creative ways to present your brand/look in the best & the most way professionally possible. You will receive one design as a transparent .PNG in a very hi-res. My favorite designs are one color only, in a grunge style, but of course, you can ask for different spect.

Today's market is over-saturated with T-shirts. Everyone is trying to bank on in, since it became too easy to download a design and to press few shirts, then to post them online to sell. Many websites will print them for you as well, so why investing in a cool T-shirt design? Good apparel design is way more than that. It's a research, concept, artwork, testing, advertising, and more of all that. I have designed hundreds of commercial shirts, for companies, bands, brands and general public. From something that you sell on your gigs, over free corporate gifts, to pricey boutique merchandize - I've seen it and designed it all. From pressed and stencil sprayed on a cheap shirt to a 1-5 color silk screened on expensive material, and from clean to grunge and washed out look - I can cover it all in no time, affordable. Invest some time and a bit money in your designs, since that's what will get you back in return. I am currently designing exclusive shirt designs for several large manufacturers and they are not going anywhere else, since they can sell my designs easy.


Briefing Details

Send me the requirements - copy, image(s) if you have any, logo(s), color & size specs (if your printer has some). You will receive a hi-res .PNG with transparent background. Vector file is optional, please ask for it.

Please note - You can ask for one correction, but it has to be something related to the same design I've delivered - it's not possible to ask for a totally different design.