Illustrative T-Shirt Design

Service Description

Hello there!

Are you in need of a unique T-Shirt design to spark interest in your business, promote your event or transport an important message?

I'd love to hear your story and help you with the realization of your project!

You may choose if you like your T-Shirt Design to be created and colored via Illustrator (limited colors, but scalable to any size, suitable for all printing techniques) or by Hand & Photoshop (infinite colors and hand-drawn outlines, but limited by size and only applicable for digital printing techniques).
If you're not certain yet which style would be best for your design and printing technique, we can always decide that question during the job.

While working with you on your project, I will constantly send you previews of my progress - from the hand-drawn sketch of your idea to the finished illustration.


The file formats you will receive:

- fully editable and resizable .eps-file (eps 8 - grouped colors) OR PSD with editable layers
- a .jpg-file (min 4000px)
- a .png-file (min 4000px
- other file formats if needed

Briefing Details

To get started as soon as possible, I will need the following files and info from you:

- a detailed description of your idea
- if available: any images that will help to transport your vision
- if applicable: colors and elements that need to be integrated