Custom Shirt/Apparel Design

Service Description

Who doesn't love custom branded apparel? Whether it be for an event, an organization, team, fundraiser, or just about anything, custom apparel is an excellent asset.

I've had extensive experience working on custom shirt and apparel designs for small and large organizations, as well as single clients. I know how to effectively deliver a message through apparel while also creating something that looks good on the wearer.

By ordering my service, you will begin a process of communication with me that starts with details, continues through the design and revision process, and finishes with the final product. Included will be, vector/source files of design, mockups of design on applicable garmets for reference and promotion, and production ready files for the printer/manufacturer to use. We will also be sure to follow guidelines and spec colors so your vision is matched perfectly on the final product.

Briefing Details

When ordering, please respond to the following points as concisely as possible.
1. What is this design for?
2. Will this design be for a shirt, hat, hoodie, or something else?
3. Have you found a printer/manufacturer yet that will be producing these? If so, link or reference.
4. Please describe your complete vision for the design (e.g. logo on front pocket, type on back / sleeve prints with large logo on back / badge on front of hat, type under bill / etc).
5. Link/attach any necessary logos or imagery that must be included on the design. Vector format if possible.
6. Are there any limitations we are working with? (e.g. 3 colors max, print only on front, no custom colors, etc)
7. Link/attach any pertinent inspiration or reference imagery.