Colorful and High Quality Vector Spot Illustration

Service Description

I will create a simple spot illustration in Flash CS6 like the samples provided.

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You will receive:

01 - The AI (non-layered), FXG or Flash CS6 source file
02 - One Hi-res JPEG preview

If additional formats are needed (such as PNG with a transparent background), they are available upon request.

Briefing Details

When placing an order I will need:
01. References. This can include photos, ideas, text, links, anything.
02. Information regarding how the image will be used (for a game, website, product, etc).
02. Samples* or previous iterations of the work needed (if relevant to your request).

*If no samples are available, I can work from a text description.

Please know that I cannot re-create copyrighted designs for commercial use unless proof of explicit permission to use the rights holder's content commercially is provided.

*Update: Because of time constraints, I am limiting my freelance work moving forward. Please know that I cannot accept more than one order at a time.