Improve your portrait to Vector Illustration

Service Description

Hello there!

I am offering you my service in create vector drawing illustration based on your photos. Vectorizing a photo offers many advantages, you can print it in high resolution on any size, even an unsharp photo can be turned into a crisp clear illustration, you will have an unique piece of art.

I will illustrate your portrait with my art vector visual style that is unique and distinctive. I would just draw a portrait of the chest upwards and only.


You can choose the file format based on your needs:
- Ai: a pure vector file format.
- JPG Hi: A high-resolution JPG files.
- JPG Low: smaller file best for display on the web or social media.
- PDF format. High compatibility file with original quality.


Briefing Details

To get started, I will need the following info from you:

- Basically, this service is only illustrates one person/face. If you want to illustrate a picture with two person or faces, select "Plus one person/face" on Extras.

- If you want to make three person/faces on a single picture, please select "Plus two person/face" on Extras.

- If you want to make four person/faces on a single picture, please select "Plus three person/face" on Extras. Examples of these options: A family with a father, a mother and two children. So in total there are 4 people.

- a photo of the person/face that you want to have turned vector illustration in highest possible resolution.

- additional photos, when the first photo is blurry or missing important details you want to have added.

- For two person or more, the delivery time could take up to 10 days sometimes.

- I don't work on Saturday and Sunday.