Creation of Scalable Vector Images from Bitmaps

Service Description

Based on bitmap image, I can draw a vector image suitable for the most printing needs, indefinitely scalable, crisp and clear outlined or shaded. Client can receive multiple vector formats of ordered drawings, like Adobe Illustrator (.ai) CorelDraw (.cdr), Scalable Vector graphics (.svg) or Portable Document Format (pdf). My advantage is in technical field and industrial design (I have Mechanical engineering degree and over 25 years of engineering/design experience) what gives me ability of better understanding the technical and technology issues in creation of product design vector illustrations (see attached examples).

Briefing Details

I need to know how will the illustration be used, for which purpose, to be able to deliver high quality digital product. Buyer should provide detailed photos, images or links to desired images on web, also the detailed desription of its needs and expectations. I could then communicate the job details with buyer and keep her/him informed about progress of drawing process daily. Any corections and changes can be done within the delivery timeframe, until the drawing is acceptable good to be finished and delivered.