Surface Pattern Design, Textile/Fabric Design, Paper/Wallpaper Design

Service Description

I have been working as a vector design since 2011 and I specialize in using Adobe Illustrator. Since 2005 I worked for web design and graphic design, then I completely dedicated myself to digital illustration. I really like drawing by hand and then turning my works into vector design.
I currently work as a Surface Pattern Designer, this satisfies me and I enjoy it a lot!
I create patterns to be printed on fabric and paper.

You can ask for:

- 1 pattern
- 1 mini collection (4 patterns)
- 1 complete collection (8 patterns)


Briefing Details

I need to know:
- where the pattern will be printed (fabric, paper)
- What kind of items (Kitchen, bedding, home decor, wallpaper)
- theme (children, garden, flowers, etc.)
- favorite colors
- other information, preferred examples

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