Story Book Vector Illustration

Service Description

* Case studies and availability notes are below


Illustrations need to be catchy, strong and balance and I can help you achieve them for your projects.

I have a strong experience in vector illustrations and I believe that we can collaborate in making your stories come to life!

The possibilities for this project are endless! This is really perfect for gifts and souvenirs! But if you think that this service will suit your needs for any of your creative project, do not hesitate to contact me and we'll talk about it in detail. Illustrations can also be used as a thank you card for your officemate who brings you coffee each day, to say "Congratulations" for your son who does very well in school or to say "Good luck" for your friend who will start working at another city.

Buyers of this service will get the following:

1. High quality JPG/PNG file
2. Optimized JPG file for online sharing
3. My everlasting and warm appreciation and smile :)

I look forward to working with you soon.


Service Provider's notes:

I am always available from Mondays through Fridays and can work for a few hours every Saturdays. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are for my me-time and family time. Just a short information about my availability so you will be guided. Thank you!

To view some of my case studies, you can check out my Behance portfolio here:


If you want something with a touch of textures and hand drawings, you may refer this service for reference:

Briefing Details

In order for me to start this project, I will be needing the following things:

1. Preferred file dimensions
2. Photo references
3. Desired color scheme
4. Story behind the illustration (this is the most important part)
5. Custom message that you wish to be included in the illustration