Character and Object Illustrations + Patterns

Service Description

I will provide original illustration solutions for:

- publications (digital and print)
- textiles*
- stationery
- homewares
- promoting your business/product/service (logos, product demos, social media profile images)
...and many more !

The final product is 1 (one) illustration in .png, .pdf or .jpg format. (Depends on whether the final outcome is for web or print).

Ideas will be initially hand-sketched, then once a design is chosen by you, it is cleaned up and coloured using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.

High quality illustration adds value to your business or publication - it is the visual aspect that a potential customer engages with, and this drives them to use or purchase the service. Get an original, high-quality illustration piece today!

* not to be resold without permission. Textile patterns will incur an additional royalty fee if they are to be used in production of merchandise.

Briefing Details

Follow the details listed below to help you prepare your brief:

- Explain what format(s) the final product will take.
(E.g. print or web, fabric or paper)
- Business/Product name and website. (If applicable)
- The intended audience.
(E.g. adults or children, men or women)
- 2-3 visual examples of a preferred illustration style.
(E.g. clean, grungy, floral, simple, flat, shaded)
- The desired colour palette. (E.g. grey, pink and blue)

After you have provided this information, I will send pencil sketches to provide you with the opportunity to give further input and direction, before proceeding with the finished product.

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